Thursday, October 21, 2010

No Time for Posting...

...but plenty of time for pictures!
 We love Grammy!

Now that she can sit up a little bit, I thought I could get a super cute Fall Pumpkin photo,but Sylvia was much more interested in trying to eat them than trying to smile for the camera.  Drat!

 And she thought that hay on the ground was REALLY GREAT!  She tried to eat it, too.

Grandma Neltner came over the night before we went to get our "Four Generations" photos taken.  I don't have electronic copies of them, but they turned out to be very good portraits.  Even so, I much prefer this natural and effortless kind of picture.  How great does Grandma look?  And Sylvia is just so happy to have all that love and affection showered over her.  What a lucky girl! 

Sylvain's Dad, Stepmom and Sister are coming to visit on Monday.  Words cannot express how incredibly excited we are to see them.  I know he misses them terribly and I know they are dying to see the baby.  His sister, Dorinda, is Sylvia's Godmother and Jordan is the Godfather. We're having her baptized on the 31st, which also happens to be Halloween AND my father-in-law's birthday!  Whew!  What a fun day that will be!

Somewhere in the midst of all this excitement we have to actually work.  School has been a HUGE time sucker lately with both of us putting in really long days.  Sylvia's been moved up to "the crawler room" at daycare, even though she doesn't know how to crawl.  Add that to all the parent-teacher conferences, diagnostic assessments, crying girls, screaming boys, and Science PD's I've had to give - I've been a little overwhelmed, to say the least.  I do have a student teacher, though, and she's incredibly competent and eager, so I plan to take advantage of her positive attitude and hand her all of the responsibilities of the "real teacher" while I enjoy some time with our family over the next couple of weeks.  :)  

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Joyce said...

So glad you got good pix of that adorable outfit; no more Osh Kosh jumpers with buckles!!! So sad.