Thursday, December 18, 2008

For the Love of Cupcakes...and Fourth Graders

I'm amateur at best, but decorating these little babies was so fun! I finally used my new decorating bag correctly. I'm learning how to use each different tip and I'll definately use a smaller one for the letters next time. It might not look like much, but I think ten year olds might like them. If nothing else, they'll be nice and messy! Hooray! (Note: I totally arranged the letters randomly and noticed there's a "KKK"...that will be fixed before tomorrow! And if you're wondering about the cursive "S" that was my first cupcake, I opted for the print letters after mangling that one!)

Tomorrow is our "Winter Celebration" and here's what ran through my mind at Tuesday's staff meeting:
Principal: I know that some of you are planning to have a Winter Celebration on Friday. Some of you thought I didn't know, but I do. Just make sure that every activity is connected to core content!
Me: Crap! She found out! Core Content...brain scans writing core content...Core Content...brain scans Science core content....Got It! We'll throw some red and green ice cubes in our Sprite, whip out the Science notebooks, and sketch the colors of the solid ice melting in the liquid drink every five minutes. Done and Done! A lame connection, but damn it, it's fourth grade Core Content. Take that! (We'll also be doing a lot of reading and writing during the party, but we have to review solids and liquids eventually, so we might as well start now.) While I was making cupcakes, Chud was making six trays of red and green ice cubes. Isn't he the best?


Laura said...

you are SUCH a good teacher! who else would think of melting colored ice cubes to demonstrate solids to liquids --craziness! that Chud, such a sweetie :)

Meredith said...

I would have LOVED a personalized cupcake when I was in fourth grade. Actually, I wouldn't mind one now that I am way past fourth grade (hint, hint).

Remember when we did the ice cubes last year? The whole lesson was watching ice melt! It was educational, but wore us out. Why didn't we think to combine it with a PARTY?

Pocket said...

Update: the ice cubes didn't happen. Out of three kids who signed up to bring cups, NONE of them did. Usually I have enough in my secret stash, but today I also had none. The kids were pretty bummed, so guess what we're doing on the first day back? Watching ice melt. Hooray.

allison said...

And to think, I connected core content by reading a book Thursday and showing the movie Friday...yep, characters, setting, and events were the same. -yes, appropriate discussion for the little ones :) I think the ice would have been more fun.
By the way, there are always LOTS of cups in Portable 3. Next time we'll be happy to send some up.

Madonna said...

Core Content...yes I made the connection to traditions and winter holidays. During is a huge tradition and sweets are always provided for dessert. Check. And to top it off, a tradition in the USA during the winter holidays is to watch Dr. Seuss' the Grinch (it is on every year), so I made sure to play that video.