Monday, June 2, 2008

Half In, Half Out

Alright, folks. Here we are. The move was completely successful, the walkthrough at the old apartment is over, the hot water at the new apartment is turned on (as of yesterday - yikes!), and I officially LIVE in Louisville. Weird! However, I can't stop going to Lexington for some crazy reason.

I realized it today. I drove home from Lexington, where I cleaned out my classroom and had dinner with Emily Laura and Pete. We went for a walk and Chud asked me to outline our plans for the rest of this week and upcoming weekend. I said, "Okay, I have to go to Squires [my old school in Lex.] on Wednesday to pick up two more things that didn't fit in my car, I might have to meet with my advisor [at UK] on Thursday if she ever gets her act together, I'm going to Emily's [who is house-sitting for a friend in Lex] on Friday to make cupcakes, we're meeting with our financial advsior on Saturday morning, going to Preston [for a civil war re-enactment...don't get me started on my in-laws' crazy hobby] Saturday afternoon, Laura and I are going to a jewelry party on Sunday while you and Pete play frisbee golf, and we're going to Northern Kentucky on Monday to have dinner with Mom, Jay, Ann and Andy." Then I took a deep breath and realized that somehow I've already managed to busy myself for the first week of my summer "break." Oops.

So here's my dilemma, which isn't really that much of a dilemma at all: if I follow through with all of these plans, that will make four trips to Lexington in one week. I'm not second guessing myself because of gas prices, I'm second guessing myself because I think I'm addicted to Lexington! Granted, Chud and I have always done a lot of driving between Lexington, Louisville, and Northern Kentucky in the last few years. There always seems to be phases of the year (spring and fall especially) when we are always "gone." But I'm starting to wonder if my plans this week revolve around the subconscious idea that I know my way around Lexington and I want to see my friends there instead of staying here with my husband, who knows his way around Louisville and wants me to make new friends here. I think the hardest part is knowing that all of these Lexington plans are exclusively mine - none of them require Chud to go there at all. I guess I'll call it my own, grown-up version of separation anxiety!

In all seriousness, I love Louisville. We have an amazing apartment, everything is unpacked, we stocked the cupboards with food, my brother is coming over for dinner tomorrow night...what could be better? Only all of that, along with the friends and "family" that I left behind in Lexington. Drat.

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