Sunday, April 27, 2008

Fun Times!

Well, we've had quite a busy weekend around here. I took a half-day on Friday to meet Chud at his school and go out with some of his teacher friends that I haven't met all year. I know that sounds selfish, but I think I deserved a half-day. I have emergency days that don't transfer to next year so I have to use them or lose them, right? We went to the high school baseball game and let me tell you, it was a nail biter! Then we saw a really stupid movie that isn't worth mentioning.

On Saturday, we got up early and drove around Germantown and Old Louisville looking for apartments. What a day! We saw five places and the one we really liked was the first one we saw, so we didn't feel comfortable signing a lease after seeing only one apartment. By the time I called the owner at the end of the day, it had already been rented to someone else. :( We're having a hard time finding the perfect place. The other ones we saw were either too big and too expensive, too small and too expensive or total dumps. However, I left a million messages with a million landlords and today I got some good leads on a couple of different places.

We're going Tuesday night to look at an apartment on Castlevale Drive. It's in a four-plex, 2 bedroom with hardwood floors and a one car garage! It's in our price range and the man on the phone sounded SO nice. I'm really hoping that place works out. We also have an appointment Wednesday night to see an English Tudor-style Manor apartment building in Cherokee Park. It's only a 1 bedroom and it's a little higher than our price range, but it looks amazing from the outside. Hopefully between these two, we'll find one that works, because I'm pretty tired of looking already. I'm ready to start packing up and heading out!

It's pretty scary to know that I'll be moving in four weeks to a brand new town in which I have NO JOB! It's okay, though. I'm beyond nervous about it. I'm in the Zen state of mind where I know that no matter what happens, it'll all work out in the end. Cross your fingers and say your prayers that we get that apartment on Castlevale!


Meredith said...

I'm curious to know what movie you saw. At least that way I can avoid it!

Pocket said...

'Twas Forbidden Kingdom. We decided we're not going to see anymore movies with the word "Kingdom" in them. This makes the third one that sucked.