Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Fishing with Fourth Graders

We had such a great trip to 4H camp, and I promise to blog more about all the wonderful details later, but there was one "quote of the day" I just had to share before bed. I'm WAY to tired to write about it twice, so here's the email I just sent to my Dad. Enjoy!

Hey Dad! I wanted to email you a funny story about our overnight field trip to the 4H environmental camp. I don't know if Sally told you, but we took the fourth graders to Carlisle, KY Monday and Tuesday for some good old fashioned outdoor fun. [Chud] is on spring break so he came along as a chaperone and I'm SO glad he did. He kept a good eye on my boys for me while they were in the boy's cabins.

Anyway, since I had lots of chaperones on the trip, the 4H people asked me if I would facilitate the fishing activity all day yesterday. They had four groups going on four activities in hour-long rotations, and since I haven't fished in a long while, I said sure! I got all the poles ready for each group, gave a little tutorial on how to hold a pole, walk with a pole, put a worm on a hook, cast a line, and most importantly, how to take a fish off a hook. You'd be amazed at how many of our kids have never held a fishing pole before! Anyway, after my little talk, they all grabbed a pole, spread out along the bank and started trying their best! We caught lots of fish, mostly bluegill, but I think we might have had some small mouth bass in there too - there was definately another kind that did NOT look like blue gill. Anyway, I was walking behind all of my hard working little fishermen (and women), thinking about how lucky I was to have a Dad who took me fishing when I was in fourth grade. Some of them were really picking it up quickly and I was so proud! Then, while, I was basking in all of my fishing wisdom and glory, a little boy walks right up to me and says, "Mrs. Fasciotto? Can I have another worm on my hook? This one's dirty!"

Oh lord, what ARE they teaching in schools these days??


Laloo said...

love it! you have the best stories, and are VERY luck to have a dad that took you fishing and taught you all about it!

Meredith said...

Wasn't it the best trip EVER? I am still basking in my post-camping glow. I linked this post to my camp-out post. I was so glad that you did the fishing - you were great.