Monday, July 13, 2015

Albert - One Year!

Dearest Bubbins, Sweet Bubs, My Bubba, Bubbie...

You are my sunshine.  For real.  You are the happiest baby that ever graced this earth!  You are a fun-loving, delightful, hilarious child.  There are no words to tell you how much we all adore you.  Daddy and I, we are eternally grateful that you've been dropped into our laps, a healthy, beautiful, spectacular baby!  Sylvia and Margot are enamored with you.  Your grandparents light up when they see you.  Your aunts, uncles and cousins adore you.  Even the lady at the bank asked about you when I went in there alone last week!  You leave an indelible impression on everyone you meet.  Some people say it's because you're a boy.  Some people say it's because you're the third child.  Some people say it's because you're breastfed!  I think all of that is nonsense.  You make everyone around you happier because that's how God made you.  I can already tell that God has big plans for you, sweet boy.  You were sent here to brighten the dark spaces.  You are the sunshine.

Albert, I don't remember exactly when you learned to sit up, or crawl, or clap your hands, or pull up on the furniture.  I do know that you sound just like the cat when you cry, that Sylvia will always get out of her chair at the table to give you her food, and that you nurse just like Margot did.  I know you love grapes and hate blueberries.  I know you can't go to sleep without your book, your sound machine, your wub, and your dou-dou bears.  I know that Daddy's lap is your favorite place to be and that The Girls love to carry you all over the house.  I'm sorry I didn't record every milestone, but please know that we notice every detail of your sweet life!  We can't wait to see what lies ahead for you, sweet boy.

You're the best,

Love always and forever,


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Maria said...

Nooooo! There is no way he is ONE!!! Happy Birthday, Albert!