Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Winter is Over, Spring is Finally Here!

Friends, I had a rough winter.  I don't want to write about it or talk about it, but I will say this: longer days of sunshine and rising temperatures have done wonders for my soul.  Opening the windows in our house is every bit as good as airing out the cobwebs in my head and shaking off the dust of worry and anxiety that just seemed to pile up in the cold and dreary months.  I feel like I can breathe again (oddly enough, I can't actually breathe at all because of my stupid, incessant allergies)! 

Anyway, this past weekend we took our first family hike in the creek behind our house.  I used to hate creek hikes, but as the girls are getting older I'm starting to see myself in them and I'm starting to remember how much fun creeks were at that age.  I remember feeling the cold water seep into my socks and smiling at the crazy notion that I was doing something people don't usually do.  I remember how my heart would race as I turned over rocks, looking for bugs or snakes or treasures.  I remember keeping one eye on my feet and one eye on my brother, because I thought it was my job to keep him safe.  I remember feeling more triumphant with each leap onto a dry rock, and looking ahead to the next rock I would conquer.  I remember wearing dried mud like a badge of honor on my arms, legs and face, smiling from ear to ear as we walked back to the house in our sloshy shoes and dripping t shirts. 

I watched the girls do exactly that in the creek on Sunday and I gave a little nod to God in the sky for giving us such a beautiful day and a wonderful family adventure.  Also - I took pictures.  Because heaven knows I don't want to forget this.

Is it just me, or did Sylvia grow about ten inches since her birthday?

Margot was hesitant until she got her feet wet.

Conqueror of the Creek

Noticer In Training

"Margot, if you need help, just call for me, okay?  I'll come get you."

Main Man #1

Main Man #2

I mean....I just.....my heart is melting.

It was like I could see her brain growing.  So much learning in such a short time!

The best pic I could get of his chubby fingers grabbing branches.

I loved that the brush wasn't too overgrown yet.
 When we hiked back up the hill, the girls didn't whine or complain or ask to be carried.  They were stopping every five feet to pick up more "treasures" but I didn't care.  I got a sweet glimpse ahead to our summer plans - nothing.  This time is so precious, especially now that Sylvia's almost in school.  We have no agendas, no pressing classes or sports or homework.  These preschool years are MINE and I get to watch these kids grow and learn naturally without a curriculum.  We can go where ever we want, read whatever we want, sing anything we want....this summer will be their roller coaster and I'll just be along for the ride!  I'm so glad winter is over.  I'm so glad spring is here.  I'm so glad I can enjoy these sweet babies I've been blessed with and that I get them all to myself for one more summer!

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