Sunday, February 15, 2015

Albert The Great

Albert Daniel was baptized at St. Patrick's Church on Sunday, January 11th.  It was such a special day!  Not only was it the Feast of the Baptism of Our Lord but it was also my Dad's birthday.  Sylvia was baptized on Sylvain's Dad's birthday, so this was fitting and perfect and I loved it.

Father Jeff had a beautiful homily in which he mentioned that Albert was uniquely made and that "his mom and dad were hand picked for him, and his mom and dad are the best mom and dad for him."  I got teary.  After the homily we stood in front of church with Albert's special Godparents: my brother John and my cousin Gina.

I must say....we picked awesome Godparents for our boy!  John is an amazing Uncle to all of our babies, but when he held Albert for the first time in the hospital, when Albert was only hours old, I took one look at John and knew instantly that he was Albert's Godfather.  The same goes for Gina.  She has been here for us in a pinch in more ways than one.  She loves my girls fiercely and joyfully and when Albert came along....she was the first helper on the scene!  She helped me through the first scary moments of labor and she stayed with my sleeping babies while I went and had another one.  I felt so secure and safe standing up on the altar, holding baby Albert, with Sylvain, John and Gina at my side.  This boy's got it made!

At one point during the baptism, Father Jeff called him "Albert the Great," and my mother-in-law later informed me that he is the patron saint of.....wait for it.....SCIENTISTS!  I should have known that, but whatever.  She's a scientist and she gave Albert a St. Albert the Great medal as a gift.  The boy now has a nickname that's way better than Prince Albert.  He shall henceforth be known as....Albert the Great!

Here are some pictures from his special day.

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