Friday, January 3, 2014

Catching Up on Christmas Eve

Sorry my posts have been so out of whack lately!  Now that this video is done uploading I can finally post it.  Honestly, it's not the greatest video because I was holding a camera and a baby and trying to zoom in and out....not my finest work.  SO, if you just want to see the cutest lamb to ever grace the stable, just watch the first 20 seconds.  I actually had to fumble around to find my Mom's camera before Sylvia made her entrance, because my camera's SD card was reading "error" and I was in a panic!  All you need to know is that the narrators are introducing each set of animals, while another narrator "speaks" for the animals, and the animals are supposed to gather around Mary and Joseph and baby Jesus and stand still and look cute.  HA! 

Right before the video starts, the narrator says, "The sheep welcomed the baby and sang it's gentle song." Or something like that.  Then another narrator said the "baa baa" part and Sylvia runs in and stares at the WRONG manger scene.  It's not her fault.  She's been obsessed with our church's nativity since it was put up and her spot in the skit was RIGHT NEXT TO IT!  I could tell she didn't give a hoot about the play and just wanted to know...WHERE IN THE WORLD IS THAT BABY JESUS STATUE?

Anyway,  here it is, in all of its shaky glory!

P.S.  Margot thought Mom's camera was an iPhone.  I should have just handed her my phone to keep her quiet, but instead I let her squeal through the skit.  Sorry if her crying burst your eardrums. 

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