Saturday, December 21, 2013

Holiday Happenings

I have another scrapbook post for ya!  Just a bunch of pictures of all the things I don't want to forget.  Seems to be the norm lately, but what can ya do?!  Enjoy!

It's been a wonderful Christmas season so far at our house.  Sylvain is working nights now, so the girls and I are having fun snuggling in our jammies every night and reading Christmas books.  Instead of going crazy with Elf of the Shelf, we're doing the same advent calendar we started last year.  When the girls are in the bath tub (or otherwise occupied) the Elf slips a piece of paper into our advent calendar to tell them where the night's Christmas book is hidden.  Sylvia is LOVING the little game, but the Elf is having a hard time sneaking around and getting the books all set up before bedtime!  So far she hasn't caught a glimpse of him, but she sure does TRY! 

December has delivered lots of COLD COLD snowy days!  We managed to get out and enjoy the snow exactly once and for exactly twenty minutes before we almost froze to death and came inside for hot chocolate.  I did get some cute pictures, though!

Humbert profile!

Critter tracks in the backyard!  Sylvia was delighted!

Walking to the neighbor's hill.

On the first weekend of December, Mom and Jay invited us to join them in Lebanon for the old time-y Christmas parade.  With the terrible weather, the parade wasn't as long or as amazing as it usually was, because a lot of the usual giant teams of horses couldn't come.  We had great seats right across from the Golden Lamb Bed and Breakfast, but unfortunately, their Christmas lights weren't working!  So, what should have been some beautiful pictures turned out to be just okay pictures.  But the girls didn't know what they were missing and they LOVED all the horses!

Cruising the streets before the parade.  We're getting a lot of use out of her snowsuit!

Dancing with the elves.

Next came St. Nick day!  I love that Sylvia's preschool is teaching her about the feast of St. Nick so she knows that St. Nick isn't exactly the same as Santa Claus.  This year, St. Nick day fell on a Friday and it also happened to be a SNOW DAY!  Woohoo!  We got to take our time opening our stockings and playing with all of our tiny toys.  I didn't get any pictures of Margot because she sat in my lap the entire time, but I got some good ones of Sylvia.

Ballerina ornament!

Ninja Turtle stamp set!

And her favorite: the Leonardo action figure.  It makes noise, people.  So I kind of hate it to death.

For our last super fun Christmas-y event, we loaded up the girls in the car to look at Christmas lights!  Last year we started a neighborhood touring tradition that I absolutely love!  We put the girls in their jammies and covered them with warm blankets in the car.  We filled their sippy cups with hot (warm) chocolate and handed them a bowl of mini marshmallows.  I'm sure Margot couldn't see a thing from her rear facing seat, but she loved the hot chocolate and the Christmas music! 

I can't believe Christmas is only a few days away!  I have so much to DO but at least school is over and I can focus on my shopping/wrapping/baking/merriment.  With a 3 year old and 1 year old, this year is going to be the BEST CHRISTMAS EVER!!

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