Friday, August 24, 2012

I Wonder if Cinderella Needs a Flu Shot?

I took the Nugget in for a flu shot today.  She's had plenty of shots in her short little life, but she's starting to get old enough now that she can remember them and be afraid of them and potentially bite anyone who comes near her with a needle.  I wanted today to be FUN! and NOT SCARY! and YAYY!!! FLU SHOT!!!

So, for the last two days, I've been hyping it up.  Say what you will about those annoying Disney princesses - if there's one thing they're good for, it's bribery!  I explained flu shots to Sylvia, and I told her that if she was very, very brave, the nurse would give her a....PRINCESS BAND-AID!  Of course, I wasn't sure if they had those at our doctor's office, so I brought ours along.  Good thing, too.  Because guess what?  No princess band-aids at the doctor's office.  Crisis averted.

As we were leaving this morning, Sylvia shoved her Jasmine figurine in her "princess bag," which is just the little bag that came with her camera at Christmas, and headed for the door singing "C'mom, Mommy!  Let's go!"  We got to the doctor's office and I let her pick out her band-aid in the waiting room.  When they called her back, she told EVERY person she passed, "Sil-ya get flu shot!  Got incess band-aid!"  I wish I could record every word she said, because typing it doesn't do it justice.  She literally SANG these words on her way to the nurse's station.

She sat in my lap and the nurse told me to restrain her with a bear hug.  Yikes!  She broke out the needle and Sylvia watched as the nurse stabbed her leg.  She did the whole crescendo ooouuuuUUUUCCHH!!!  and started wailing, until the nurse grabbed that princess band-aid and stuck it on her leg.  The shouting turned to a whimper and then the nurse pulled out the big guns - three princess stickers!  Sylvia went from crying to laughing with delight in a split second!  What a good nurse.

For the rest of the day, she chanted "Sil-ya get flu shot...incess band-aid incess stickers...Sil-ya brave..."  It was adorable.  Way to go, Nugget!

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Laura said...

Wow. That is a great story! I hope I am able to recreate something similar when Ellie is a wee bit wiser to the whole getting-a-shot thing.