Thursday, October 2, 2008

Who is "Joe Six Pack" and Who Exactly Lives on "Main Street"

Did anyone else watch the vice presidential debate? Let me just say, I'm voting for Obama, I think he's going to turn this country around and cure what ails us. I've made fun of Sara Palin ever since she was elected and I still think she's political play-dough for the republicans. However, I have to say, the McCain campaign prepped her well. She was freaking ON tonight and it made me so MAD!! I don't agree with anything she said, but they way she said it, with the references to "soccer games" and "hockey moms" and "darn its" and "you betchas," and the "hey, can I call you Joe?" I thought, damn it! She's winning over tons of people right now! However, whenever she was asked a question, she CHANGED the topic to something else! Sure, she looked at the camera, but she didn't give me any evidence as to how McCain is different from the current administration.

It doesn't matter, though. I've been on board with Obama for the last two years. Joe Biden wasn't amazing, he didn't have any cute quips and he didn't wink at the camera, but he literally outlined (with his "number one....number two" way of speaking) all of the ways that McCain is a poisonous detriment to our country and all of the ways Obama is a beacon of hope, to borrow a Palin term.

I know that no matter who gets elected, my everyday life won't change very much. But I'm so invested in the democratic party at the moment and I'm starting to feel that worrisome pang in my heart. That feeling of..."Oh my god, what are we going to do if Obama isn't our President?"

So, with that note, I encourage anyone to WATCH the debates, to TALK to your friends and family, to READ the newspapers, and to VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE VOTE in our next election. I'm finally interested in politics. I'm doing it for my family, I'm doing it for my friends, and I'm doing it for my students and my future children who will someday run this country. For heaven's sake, let's not screw it up even more, people. Our kids will have enough to worry about.

As for Joe Six Pack, I find that reference offensive. As for the Wall St. versus Main Street reference, I still haven't quite figured out if Main Street means "America" or if there really is some Main Street in New York that is useful in measuring the effects of this economic crisis. Any information or advice you might have on the subject would be helpful!

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Meredith said...

See, I thought she was prepared, but even though she had all those one-liners, she still seemed nuts to me. The whole idea that VP is part of the legislative branch!!! CRAZY! Why would she even consider the idea that CHENEY used good judgement in that regard? Did she learn anything about the constitution in journalism school?

I cracked up when she said, "I've been at this for what? Five weeks?"

...and you know how I feel about "Main Street". I'm starting to feel the same way about "around the kitchen table".

I thought Biden was amazing tonight. His realm of experience and support for the working class floored me and made me wish that HE had done better in the primaries.

Alrighty - there's my 2 cents...Jill 3-glass.