Thursday, May 8, 2008

Gainful Employment!

Well, I've been putting of my blogging all week because I wanted to wait until I had Derby Day pictures, but alas, I have big news! (For Derby Day Shenanigans, you can checkout Laura's blog). Tuesday evening, around 4:30, I got a phone call from the secretary at Engelhard Elementary in Lousiville, asking if I could come in for an interview on Wednesday. Of course I said I could, because I didn't think I'd be hearing from schools in Louisville for quite some time, and on top of that, Engelhard was one of the nine schools I had on my "list" of schools where I actually wanted to teach. So, I took a half day off work on Wednesday so I could go home, get some folders together full of impressive goodies to give to the interviewers, take a shower, and get myself all gussied up for the interview. I left with plenty of time to get there and I was SUPER nervous as I waited for the principal to call me into the little room.

Once I got there, though, I was totally fine. The nerves were gone, and I answered the questions as best I knew how. When I left, I thought I did really well and I was very pleased, but on the hour and a half drive home (the one my husband does every day), I couldn't help but overthink all of my answers and all of their reactions, and by the time I got home I had decided that it was the worst interview I'd ever been a part of! So, this morning during my planning period at school, I sat down at my computer to email the principal and thank her for the interview while asking her when she thought I might hear something about the positions. As SOON as I opened my email, my cell phone rang.

It was a lady from Jefferson County Public Schools calling to inform me that I was being reccommended for the FOURTH GRADE position at Engelhard Elementary!!! I could NOT believe it, 9:30 in the morning and I was already getting a phone call! Of course, I graciously accepted and carried on through the rest of my day with a bit a chip on my shoulder - I was pretty darn proud of myself.

So, it looks like I have a home next year. Engelhard is a great school in a rough neighborhood, and I'm definately up for the challenge. As a very smart teacher at my current school said, "Every teacher should have the chance to teach at a disadvantaged school. That's what makes a good teacher a great teacher." And she's right. What's important is the fact that the STAFF seemed amazing, there seemed to be lots of support, and overall I got an amazing vibe from everyone I spoke to. At the end of the day, I can't WAIT to teach there!


Meredith said...

I am so proud of you!

Laloo said...

This is the comment I tried to leave at my parent's house, but their Arkansas-internet connection sucks:

Oh Rachael, I am so happy for you! Congratulations! Now we REALLY have a reason to go to Metropol next Tuesday! (you have another Louisville contact, too - Mike is definitely moving now)

ann matilda said...

Yay!! that is so exciting, i knew you wouldn't have any trouble finding a school that you loved!! and again congrats on finding a new home, its fantastic how things work out!